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New League Idea (1 Viewer)


Looking to relieve some boredom/frustration with my current league formats and try something a little different. I want to start a league where every team has access to every player, but can only use them once per season. The lineup requirements would be only 1 QB, 1RB, 1WR and 1TE each week. I'm thinking of keeping it simple with a total points tally through 16 weeks. Winner take all, or maybe a small compensation for second place. Hoping to get 12-20 teams involved from guys in other leagues I'm in.

I'm not sure how many people I can get from my other leagues on board, and I was hoping to keep the buy in somewhat low the first year(25-50) while we work out any kinks. I can set it up on MFL this way but $89 might eat into the winnings a bit too much.

So my two questions are:

1. Does anyone know of a site where you can run something like this any cheaper than $89, or even free?

2. Do any of you play in a league like this and have any advice for rules/setup?

I did a small search for this, but didn't see anything regarding this format. Please point me in the right direction if you know of a thread already dedicated to this.

Thanks in advance


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