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I would not do it. This is AC stuff as you know but I see the trade as you giving up consistent week to week points in Witten for boom/bust production in Fitzgerald. If you are 4-0 now then you are already close to playoff-bound. Why weaken your team like that?

1 point per 10 yards..........6 points per receiving TD.......non ppr league. We start 3 WR's and 1 TEMy QB is Brees (and my backup would be Hasselbeck if I made the trade)My backup TE to Witten is Fasano who would then be my weekly starter (scary thought)My WR's are T.O., Ocho Cinco, Chambers, and Branch (due back this weekend)If I make the trade my WR's would be great with T.O. and Fitz......and then rotating Chambers & Ocho Cinco (we start three WR's). But, my TE spot....although not bad with Fasano would take quite a hit. I'm currently 4-0 and don't want to trade just to trade, but the thought of Fitz is exciting! As for shipping Kitna off and receiving Hasselbeck........well............now that Hass is getting his WR's back I"m thinking he's going to turn the corner (although, to this point Kitna has put up much better numbers than Hass). Is the value in this trade good? Come on Sharks......cut a guy some slack..........just this time. Thanks!
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You can go back and edit the first post including the title.
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