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*** OFFICIAL 2024 Indianapolis Colts Draft Thread *** (1 Viewer)


I think they go with a pass catcher at 15 and either get a DB via free agency or in the 2nd round, or both. Crazy rumors are out there they trade up for Marvin Harrison Jr. I'm not drinking the kool-aid. Ballard hasn't traded up very far in the past. He did trade up a couple of spots for Taylor, but never a major trade up and it isn't going to happen here. This draft is deep at WR, so he can stand pat at 15 and either get Bowers, or trade down and still get one of Brian Thomas Jr. or Xavier Worthy, or another WR he likes. I'm more inclined to think he will trade down, as he loves to do. It makes sense to do that in a deep WR class. Another rumor is trading for Brandon Aiyuk. They will not just give the 15 for him, even if it were true. At best Ballard would entertain the idea of a 1st round swap from 15 to 31, get Aiyuk and draft a DB at 31. I personally feel they will use free agency to get a DB. Why else would they restructure Buckner's contract, only to rollover the extra cap space to 2025?
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