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Official 3rd Round Draft Pick Strategy Thread (1 Viewer)


I don’t see any of these normal threads in the shark pool where they used to sit. And seemed more like drafting advice so got worried about peeing in the pool.

For those drafting from the 3 spot, what does your team end up looking like. I’ve been mocking a lot using football guys draft app and I’m not in love with my team after round 1. But, that’s based on football guys rankings so it very well could fall in my favor come draft day with real humans.

Zeke, Gurley, Bell or Johnson seems like a gimme.

Second round I’m usually looking at Mike Evans and and Jordan Howard.

Rounds 4 and 5 just seem like hot garbage in my mocks and I struggle to put together a solid team.

So, what’s your story strategy at the 3 spot fellow drafters?

Im basing this off 12 team pretty standard scoring non-ppr... QB-WR-WR-RB-RB-Flex-D-K but I’m open to anyone’s take on other scoring as long as you note it. Can still establish a look at player value and who fell based on scoring settings.


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