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** OFFICIAL ** Cleveland Guardians thread - spring training (1 Viewer)

Buster Olney


At his current pace, Jose Ramirez will finish this season with:

105 extra-base hits
48 strikeouts
99 walks
108 runs
168 RBI
45 doubles
12 triples
48 homers
He's got a .294/.394/.647 slash line


Tom Servo

Nittany Beavers
Can I state just how stupid it is to have an 11:30 AM start?  I understand that the game is on Peacock, but does that mean it has to be that early of a start?  Hammy said that they'll have their 7th inning stretch before most games get started.

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Da Guru

Fair & Balanced
Looking at what Jose Ramirez has done in is MLB career it seems he should be paid as a top 5-10 hitter.  Does it all and steals bases.

When his contract was coming up don`t understand why he would not have been ranked and paid the same way Harper, Lindor, Machado were.

Cleveland got a bargain at 6-141.


Bracie Smathers

Cleveland Guardians@CleGuardians


Cleveland Guardians@CleGuardians

Josh Naylor walk-offs are unlike anything you've ever seen before. #ForTheLand | #GuardiWins


ESPN Stats & Info@ESPNStatsInfo

The Cleveland Guardians now have 3 wins this season when trailing by 3+ runs in the 9th inning or later. The rest of MLB has 5 wins combined in that spot (no other team has more than 1).

All Star Game

Jose Ramirez: 2 for 2, 2 singles.
Andres Gimenez:  0 for 2, 2 strikeouts and a great defensive play.
Emmanuel Clase: Pitched the 9th inning and struck out all 3 batters.

Guardians 2022 draft:  Heavy on pitching again


Encyclopedia Brown

If they will DFA Franmil
Dude has rocked since coming to the Cubs.

The Cubs beat reporter for The Athletic has a theory that the team believes this year's baseballs have a dead spot in the exact same spot, which is in the same place where Reyes makes his contact. His flyballs have distanced about twenty feet shorter than his career norm.

They helped Reyes adjust his swing slightly away from that dead spot.

So far, so very good.


The youth has certainly brought about a new, exciting flair to The Cleveland Baseball Team. They've been fun to watch. I enjoy good pitching and the "small ball" approach - just slap the ball and run like the wind! I would much rather watch games like that than HR after HR. This team has definitely delivered on that front this year.


Slightly disappointing end to the season. But they exceeded expectations by so much, I can't feel too bad about it. With such a young team and a stacked farm system, the Guardians have a really bright future!


The delay from Monday to Tuesday was such a huge kick in the nuts. Obviously probably wouldn’t have helped Civale, but we wouldn’t have had to face Cortes. Disappointed, but that was such a fun season, and the future is bright.

Go Padres!
So last month they signed Mike Zunino (1 year) and he's all in on mentoring Bo Naylor. Good catcher, low batting average, good power.
Signed Josh Bell. 2 years, $33 million. DH and will probably spell Josh Naylor at first base. Switch hitter. .260's with power.
Guardians Beat

Welcome to another installment of the Guardians Newsletter. I’m Mandy Bell and I’m entering my fifth season covering Cleveland. Let’s get into the good stuff:
Step aside, Super Bowl, it’s baseball season.
Players will start reporting to camp on Monday, meaning the start of the 2023 season is just around the corner. What are the most pressing topics for the Guardians heading into Spring Training?
Let’s take a look at three storylines to keep an eye on:
1. Who will be the backup catcher?
It seems odd to think the biggest position battle for this spring will be the backup catcher, but that’s the reality for Cleveland this year.
The Guardians’ goal is to start Bo Naylor in Triple-A. He’s had just 66 games in Columbus in his Minor League career and Cleveland wants him to get more consistent reps under his belt before he moves up to the big leagues, which would mean more sporadic playing time, serving as a backup to Mike Zunino.
That’s the goal. If Zunino isn’t healthy, this gets trickier. Both Zunino and the Guardians seemed confident that he’d be ready for Opening Day when the team announced his signing in December. He underwent surgery on his non-throwing arm last July due to thoracic outlet syndrome. If Zunino is not bouncing back the way he thought he would, Naylor would need to get thrown into the fire and handle the bulk of the innings at the beginning of the season.
Assuming Zunino is healthy (which is the expectation), Naylor should begin the year in Triple-A, leaving Bryan Lavastida, David Fry, Cam Gallagher, Meibrys Viloria and newly-acquired Zack Collins to battle for the backup position. Lavastida is the only player of this group who is already on the 40-man roster.

2. How will the Guardians fill out their bullpen?

Most of the bullpen should be easy to predict. Emmanuel Clase, James Karinchak and Trevor Stephan are locks. Sam Hentges and (assuming he’s healthy) Nick Sandlin should be in the ‘pen. The way Eli Morgan and Enyel De Los Santos pitched at times in ’22 makes it easy to give them another chance right out of the gate in ’23. But if Cleveland carries eight relievers, who gets the last spot?

Cody Morris was the answer at the end of last season, but if the Guardians want to have him as a starting option if they need to turn to their depth at some point in the year, it’d be hard to limit him to just a few innings out of the bullpen to start the season. Guys like Konnor Pilkington, Peyton Battenfield, Touki Toussaint and Joey Cantillo fall into this same category.

There are a handful of Minor League non-roster invitee relievers to keep an eye on during camp, but the two that stick out early are Nick Mikolajchak and Andrew Misiaszek. Could one of them crack the Opening Day roster? It might be difficult, but it’s far from impossible.

3. Which young guys will stand out?

Because so much of their roster is figured out, it’s time to start planning for depth. We know who will start in the outfield. We know all of the starting infielders. Assuming no trades or injuries occur, the starting five seems to be set. So, how can the Guardians grow their depth to be prepared for the grueling 162-game season?

This is a fun time to learn about their young players. Brayan Rocchio can showcase why he’d deserve a bench spot. Jhonkensy Noel can give everyone a taste of the power he displayed in his 32-homer season in the Minors last year. Logan Allen (yes, the new one) can give the big league coaching staff confidence that he could be called upon if the team needs another starter during the season.

It’s unknown now, but there will undoubtedly be a handful of up-and-coming players who thrive this spring.

On Thursday, it became clearer why Cleveland traded Will Benson to the Reds on Wednesday in exchange for a 2022 second-round Draft pick. The club needed a 40-man spot for righty Jason Bilous, whom they claimed off waivers from the White Sox.

Trading Benson seemed to catch many by surprise -- at least based on Twitter reactions. Benson provided power potential and was a former first-round pick. But his plate discipline was questionable, and suddenly outfielders like Steven Kwan, Oscar Gonzalez and Will Brennan started to move ahead of him in the pecking order. And with Myles Straw already in center, it would have been difficult to find him playing time.

Instead of burying Benson in Triple-A, the Guardians decided to move him to the Reds to bring back outfielder Justin Boyd, who was drafted last year out of a school Kwan is very familiar with, Oregon State University. Boyd led the Pac-12 with a .373 average and 24 steals last season, and he had been ranked as the Reds’ 16th overall prospect by MLB Pipeline. His arrival to the Majors is much further into the future than Benson’s, which allows Cleveland to see more of its current big league ready outfielders while still bolstering its depth.

Bracie Smathers

Now Justin Bieber is wearing a “Not Shane Bieber” jersey.
Click on the hyperlinks to see the original baseball card snafu, Shane wearing his 'Not Justin' jersey, and Justin cruising with his 'Not Shane Bieber' jersey.
Pretty funny.
Remember when Shane Bieber wore a “Not Justin” jersey, and then Justin Bieber was later seen wearing a “Not Shane Bieber” jersey
It was because Topps put "Justin" Beiber on the back of a baseball card (Stadium Club I think) and Shane was like WTF Topps haha

Encyclopedia Brown

The Athletic had an interesting article on Oscar Gonzalez. It seems they don't know what he will become, that he has an equal chance to be Manny Ramirez or Cory Snyder, with nothing in between.
The Athletic had an interesting article on Oscar Gonzalez. It seems they don't know what he will become, that he has an equal chance to be Manny Ramirez or Cory Snyder, with nothing in between.
When I was in high school, I was so much on the Cory Snyder train during his rookie and second year. Got a poster for my basement along with my Ron Harper poster! Loved that arm from right field but he just got worse and worse at the plate.
Yesterday (March 22) was the 30th anniversary of the death of Steve Olin and Tim Crews on Little Lake Nellie. I remember Bob Ojeda was messed up emotionally for a long time. It's probably the saddest day in Cleveland baseball history.
I don't listen to much country, but hearing Garth Brooks' "The Dance" brings back the memories. :cry:
The Tribe had a relief pitcher that was best friends with Olin. They agreed to trade him because he couldn’t overcome the emotional stress of that accident. You remember his name?
Andres Giminez extended through 2029 with a club option for 2030.
Trevor Stephen extended through 2026 with club options for 2027 and 2028.

3-1 to start the season.
Emmanuel Clase - 2 games, 6 batters faced, 18 pitches, 3 strikeouts.

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