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***Official FBG Free For All Forum Census*** (1 Viewer)

How do this forum's demographics compare to the rest of the world's?

Go here to fill out the 2019 Footballguys Free For All Forum Census.

Totally anonymous. There's no place to submit any identifying information.

The survey will remain open through March 29.

I'll share the results in this thread after the survey is closed.
Should you have changed this to the FFA?

How often do you post in the Politics Forum (when you're not serving a suspension)?


 How often do you post in the Free For All Forum (when you're not serving a suspension)? 

A lot of the options are tough to answer IMO as a lot of political issues aren't easily placed on a scale.

Thanks to the 53 of you who filled out the survey.

Here are the results summarized into charts.

Among people who responded:

Our ages range from 27 to 63, with an average of 46.4.
We are 98.1% American, 96.2% White, and 92.3% Male.

On the averages below, keep in mind that the midpoint on a 1-5 scale is 3, not 2.5.

Political spectrum: 5.47 / 10 (higher = further right) (midpoint = 5.5)
Political interest: 2.77 / 5 (higher = greater interest)

Global Warming: 2.42 / 5 (higher = more skeptical)
Immigration: 2.85 / 5 (higher = fewer restrictions)
Minimum Wage: 3.02 / 5 (higher = higher minimum wage)
Gay Marriage: 4.50 / 5 (higher = should be legally recognized)
Feminism: 3.21 / 5 (higher = more favorable)
Basic Income: 2.74 / 5 (higher = more favorable)
Donald Trump: 1.77 / 5 (higher = more favorable)

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