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*** Official Indefinite Cincinnati Bengals Thread *** 0-0 Never Felt So Good Before! (1 Viewer)

So Jonah is requesting a trade apparently. Not a huge shock I suppose. So maybe this puts RT back on the draft board

So Jonah is requesting a trade apparently. Not a huge shock I suppose. So maybe this puts RT back on the draft board

Yeah, not sure how to take it. Hate to lose him. But he wasn't great, just capable. So having a necessity to replace him might be nice if we can get a good one somehow.
I mean if we can manage to get a 3rd rounder that would be great imo. Might be something that comes down to draft day in terms of a trade. I know the Carson example is out there about how the team generally reacts to trade demands but I am a little more optimistic this won't fester given that Carson's quitting was like a year after they gave him a big extension. Jonah being in the last year of a contract where it seems unlikely he would be here on his next contract is different and probably could surely be expressed that way if Mike Brown has any trade reluctance.

Rapoport saying Bengals having conversations on Jonah. Would be great if we can somehow weasel a low 2 or high 3 from someone and snag a new RT in the draft on a cheap contract

Thrilled with the Irv Smith signing after Moreau became unavailable (hope he has a speedy recovery and is back and healthy soon). Cincinnati is becoming the road to riches for reclamation tight ends :)

Kelce on Brown signing with us: "It hurts. It hurts my soul, man. Hurts my soul. It’s like watching your best friend just turn evil on you"

Yay we are evil now :cool:

This is the kind of stuff you love to hear. Kelce's great, no ill will toward him, but when a major rival hates that you signed their guy, you must be getting a great teammate at the least.
Bengals having Trevor Siemian in for a visit. Signing him at vet minimum to back up Joe would be an upgrade over Allen so that would be fine by me.


Weird reasoning on Perine's part. He doesn't like being the backup when the lead guy is getting the vast majority of the touches. So he's going to Denver where Javonte who, if and when recovered, would surprise no one if he were to become a bellcow back? Instead of staying in Cincy where speculation of Mixon's departure looms? (Granted, sure the Bengals would draft or otherwise acquire another back if they cut Mixon, even if they still had Perine. But not necessarily a top back.)
Pick #28. Who we thinking? Who we wanting?

If I had to put my money on one name, with equal odds for every player: Dalton Kincaid.

But among realistic possibilites, I would love to get Gibbs. Truly, I'd be very happy with just taking the best available among basically all positions but QB.
Anyone else agree that Skyline Chili is possibly the most overrated regional food/dish there is? I had it once, and was very let down - so bland.
Welcome to my ignore list 🤣

No, but ... man, I love Skyline. I've never tried the spaghetti thing, seems weird. But the spices and a little sweetness in the chili and a mountain of probably the most perfect cheese you could make for a hot dog. In my opinion it's very flavorful. Not hot, but flavorful. (Disclaimer: I have the palate of a seven-year-old.)
Myles Murphy is the pick - how we feeling. I think Mayer was the sentimental choice but I do like us addressing a position that is conventionally expensive as we are going to make those kind of picks as the cap fills up with extensions.

Any chance they trade up for a TE?
Maybe, but I kind of feel like if they passed on the (presumed) top TE of the class who fell all the way to them at pick 28, they're not really prioritizing the position at all. Maybe they feel really good about Irv Smith.
If they could get Mayer without giving up a ton in a trade-up, I'm all for it. If not, I'd like to see OL or best defensive player.
Mayer would have to drop a bunch more for the Bengals to make a small jump from 60 - prognosis doubtful.

Probably end up getting one in round 3 or 4

Just a few picks away. Really hoping Kelee Ringo makes it to us. Or this O'Cyrus Torrence guy. Otherwise Darnell Washington?
More defense in round 3 and picking up the last pick of round 6 in the process. Maybe we are getting that punter we sorely need in this draft after all.


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