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***Official*** Week 9 Waiver Wire (1 Viewer)

Ginn perhaps, but I doubt Avery is out there in many leagues. If he is snag him. Leonard Weaver for Sjax owners. Leon Washington as well.

Ginn had a career day against against a CB who was 75% at best...I would not be surprised if he reverts back to his previous form going forward.

Tedd Ginn


Who else?
I grabbed Avery in one league, but am thinking this last game was:1. against a banged up and lousy secondary

2. playing from behind (guess they do that alot)

3. no SJax

I am concerned that they shift the strong coverage/attention over to Avery, opening up Holt.

And, how does this make Bulger look for a second half QB2?


playoffs weeks 14-16:mad:ARI SEA SF

I put a request in for Derrick Ward. I would guess he's probably gone in most larger leagues, but my league is 10 team with 16 man rosters. It's a bye week filler and I have a feeling that DAL is going to have a tough time stopping the Giants next week.


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