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*** OFFICIAL WIS XVI Draft Thread *** (1 Viewer)

It's actually going to be fun to see if my team can manage to have the worst record in the league. Off to a good start so far. :thumbup: A different kind of ambition.

Denny McLain and Dave McNally were not very good draft picks. They kind of McSuck.

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stadium: Royals Stadium (of course)
Oso, that's the stadium I was slated to pick, but since Eeph hadn't picked his, I was holding out.
Karma from previous sims
Koya 6-15 at home (Royals Stadium). Worst in the league by far.
Yeah, I suck. :shrug: Been that way for a while.That said, Im a bit shuked at how terrible the team is at home. But par for the course of late.

That said, I'm willing to trade an OF for a Closer, doesnt need a huge amount of IP.Ken Singleton is killing it (near .440 OBP) as an Expos which could make for some decent two for two trades. Also could consider trading Charlie Keller, Yanks. Depending on what I get back, could even consider Goslin (Senators) or Medwick (Cards).

Well, my team may suck (although so does my division so far), but I did get to grab drinks last night with a college teammate of 3B Tony Gwynn, Krukow was his best man, and Will Clark apparently passed out numerous times on his floor when in LA.

Darrell Evans actual: .281 .403 .556 sim: .207 .302 .378
I find that, across the board, batting is way suppressed.We've done all-timers before, and it seemed in the past that the elite pitchers usually suffered a lot more than the elite batters.
Nice one ferdie. ####### loserF.Schupp enters the game to pitch. B.O'Farrell enters the game as a pinch-hitter for J.Orosco. GLOD B.O'Farrell draws the walk. R.Jones enters the game as a pinch-runner for B.O'Farrell. DP R.Ashburn walks. DP E.Stanky draws the walk. IIOS B.Ruth takes ball four. R.Jones scores.


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