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One Album. Three Consecutive Songs. (Link ‘em) (1 Viewer)

Mister CIA

I'm a little miffed that many of my favorite albums interrupted the best songs with a little filler. 

EDIT:  I'm looking at you,  Highway 61 Revisited 

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Mr. Mojo


She's Electric

Morning Glory

Champagne Supernova

(2nd threesome here off of the greatest album)

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Help us, Joebi-Wan Brynobi, you're our only ho
Ok I'm gonna cheat.  Can't help myself, but I will at least give the excuse that these albums are 13 years apart.

King's X.  This group has been kicking around for 43 years now, same lineup.  They have a new album slated to come out on September 2nd.

From the self-titled album (1992):

The Big Picture

Lost in Germany

Chariot Song

From Ogre Tones (2005):

Sooner or Later


Goldilox (reprise)

Would LOVE another King's X fan on this board to come in here and post another song trilogy from another album. :thumbup:  


The Dreaded Marco

Modest Mouse - Good News For People Who Love Bad News

The World At Large

Float On

Ocean Breathes Salty

It was tough not to pick a 3 song run from Lonesome Crowded West or Moon & Antarctica, which I think are better albums than this one. But I think this is a good introduction to Modest Mouse that blends that earlier sound with where they've gone now.  It's also a pretty great album.


Leroy Hoard

Mister CIA said:
I'm a little miffed that many of my favorite albums interrupted the best songs with a little filler. 

EDIT:  I'm looking at you,  Highway 61 Revisited 
Yes, the art of sequencing always helps. Even if it's just putting the best songs first. Probably what got me into mix tapes, I could make my own playlist. 🎧


Binky The Doormat

There are a couple of Todd albums I may throw in here - but the first is from the 1974 album "Todd".

This falls into the category of "introducing new music" because when most think of him (if they do at all) - they think of "Hello It's Me" or something else in that vein.  

This is a nice mix of stuff that you may expect and not expect from him.  Dreamy, sad ...but guitar solo and then some f'n rockin'/jammin' numbers.  

Give it try. 

The Last Ride (live) ...studio version is tighter but love this

Everybody's Going To Heaven/King Kong Reggae

Number One Lowest Common Denominator


Binky The Doormat

I don’t know if this is the absolute best or even my favorite but it’s a trio I think of often. From Brian Eno’s Another Green World: 

St. Elmo’s Fire

In Dark Trees

The Big Ship

whoa.  Thanks Nigel ...that took me right to  Eno's "Here Come the Warm Jets" album 

Needles In The Camel's Eye

The Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch

Baby's On Fire (Robert Fripp on blazin' guitar)

...and bonus 4th track in a row - Cindy Tells Me

More on "Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch"  -  Eno confirmed that the "Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch" was actually a man named A. W. Underwood, who lived in Paw Paw, Michigan in the 19th century, and was rumored to set things on fire with his breath.  

This is a prototypical Eno song, upbeat tune, very sinister lyrics. Though the "Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch" refers to an actual person (an African-American from Paw Paw, Michigan with alleged pyrokinetic abilities), the "Paw Paw" is also Dadaistic and allows Eno to make his narrator seem very angry, on the edge of unreason.

The third stanza can be taken either as a description of the narrator setting his lost love and her paramour ("the paw paw negro blowtorch") afire in their love bed, or of the paramour's intense but inept love-making

("He's breathing like a furnace so I'll
See you later, alligator
He'll set the sheets on fire
Mmm, quite a burning lover
Now he'll barbecue your kitten
Just another learner lover")

The "Now he'll barbecue your kitten" is almost certainly meant to be an ambiguous reference to his love's pudendum ("kitty" being a cognate in English with "#####").

"Just another learner lover" is a parting shot at the girl he's talking to... that the man she's seeing instead of him is inexperienced, all physical passion, no substance.

An early case of Eno taking a meme (like "the paw paw negro blowtorch") and using it for his own ends to make a song euphonious while adding emotional depth unrelated to the original meaning of the meme. `


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