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We have a single vacancy in the Carolina Panthers.

Our league is in the 8th year. It is the most active dynasty league you will ever join. Our chat runs year round as do our activities (auctions/trades/podcasts/video content/side games/etc). We also host an optional live rookie draft in Vegas every year. The league structure is all 32 teams are represented, but are effectively two separate 16 team leagues (AFC/NFC). There are two player copies, one for each conference and no trading between conferences however the conference do play one another in our 17 week format and in the Superbowl.

To give you an idea of how active the league is, our Slack chat has over 3.5 million messages in 8 years and 15k in just the last 30 days. There have been over 400 trades since March. This is simply the most fun you will ever have playing dynasty.

The team in question won the Superbowl a few years ago and is not in terrible shape, just needs a good GM to redirect the ship.

Please email me if you are interested in applying. Our league votes on most things so any applicant will need to be voted in.


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