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Packers Name Jagodzinski Offensive Coordinator

Former Falcons Tight Ends Coach Joins McCarthy's New Staff

GREEN BAY, Wis. (Jan. 15) - Jeff Jagodzinski is returning to his home state as Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator.

He worked with new Packers coach Mike McCarthy in Green Bay in 1999, when Jagodzinski was tight ends coach and McCarthy was quarterbacks coach. Jagodzinski held his post until 2003.

"He's an excellent football coach," McCarthy said Sunday in announcing the move. "His No. 1 strength is the interior and my strength is with the quarterback and the exterior."

Former coach Mike Sherman fired Jagodzinski after the Packers' NFC divisional playoff loss at Philadelphia in 2003. Sherman was fired Jan. 2 after a 4-12 season, the team's worst in 15 years, and replaced by McCarthy on Thursday.

Jagodzinski returns to the team from the Atlanta Falcons, where he worked two seasons coaching the tight ends and then the offensive line.

"I do have an advantage because I've been here before," Jagodzinski said. "I know these guys, and they know me. I feel real positive about that and the relationship I'll have with those guys."

In Atlanta, Jagodzinski worked with offensive line consultant Alex Gibbs, one of the most respected line coaches in the game. The Falcons led the NFL in rushing the past two seasons under Jagodzinski and Gibbs.

Jagodzinski said he would bring a balanced attack to the Packers.

"Being balanced is throwing it when you want to throw it and running it when you want to run it," he said.

Jagodzinski said the Packers' offensive line should be able to quickly pick up the same zone blocking scheme that is used in Denver and Atlanta.

McCarthy is still talking to defensive coordinator Jim Bates to determine whether he will return to the staff, and Brett Favre hasn't announced whether he will return, either.

Jagodzinski, 42, has 21 seasons of coaching experience at the pro and college levels. He also has served as offensive coordinator at Boston College and coached at East Carolina, LSU, Northern Illinois and Wisconsin-Whitewater.

The West Allis native started three years at fullback at Whitewater.

"I'm proud to be back here, it's great," Jagodzinski said. "I can't tell you how (strongly) I feel about that."

01-15-06 18:13 ET


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