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Pennington restructures (1 Viewer)

Weiner Dog

Jets | Team reaches deal with Pennington

Sun, 5 Mar 2006 14:53:59 -0800

Jay Glazer, of FOXSports.com, reports the New York Jets and QB Chad Pennington have finally agreed to a new restructured deal that will keep Pennington with the Jets. The deal has not yet been signed but has been agreed upon. Pennington was scheduled to make $9 million but now will get a $3 million in guaranteed salary and can earn back the remaining $6 million incentives.

This is the kind of contract I'd like to see the Chargers sign Brees to, but he'll probably find someone who will offer more.

Smart move by both parties. If Pennington does by some chance come back at full strength, he's an effective weapon.

Jets | Team officially announces new deal with Pennington

Sun, 5 Mar 2006 15:32:21 -0800

NewYorkJets.com reports the New York Jets announced they have officially agreed to a contract extension with QB Chad Pennington. Per team policy, details of both the financial and length of the agreement were not disclosed. "Our intention all along was to have Chad remain with the Jets and we never wavered from that," said general manager Mike Tannenbaum. "Chad is a courageous and talented leader. Throughout this process, he put the interests of the team ahead of his own, enabling us to reach an agreement on terms beneficial to both parties. Chad has worked very hard to return from the surgery he underwent in October and has shown the same determination in rehab as he exhibits on the field. He understands the challenges associated with coming back from his injury, but is committed to do what it takes to succeed."

this is good news for both sides. I would love to see pennington come back from this and prove all his critics wrong. If not, considering th age and experience of the Jets coaching staff, Chad could be in line for the QB coach's spot. :D


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