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Percentage of Your Teams to make the Playoffs? (1 Viewer)


I had 8 teams

5 made the playoffs

2 had byes

62.5% pretty good I think but first year I've done this many teams guess the important thing will be to ROI once the season is over.

Goodluck to all who made the playoffs

74.8%, with 47 of those teams being dynasty and 23 of those being auction. Of my redraft squads, 24 are keepers with contract rules.

I am kinda thinking people who didnt fair too well just arent posting.............. :no:

Lets see, I am in 5 league with playoffs. Playoffs in 3, one bye.

One bad luck team missed (Hernandes, Harvin, Julio, Rodgers, Pitta). Other I had a shot but decided to say screw it and totally rebuild, traded mostly anyone who could help now for picks and guys like Cobb.

Still could be a VERY good year, ok year, or bad year. Next two weeks should clear that up.

60% (3 for 5).

#1 seed in my oldest dynasty.

#1 seed in the staff redraft league.

#6 seed (but 2nd in points scored) in a league with a bunch of college buddies.

Last place in another league with old friends where I have a decent team on paper, but just couldn't get it all to come together at the same time.

Going to be drafting #1 overall in the staff dynasty league where I went for a "year 2" strategy (drafted Gronk and Crabtree, traded for Julio and Harvin, etc...)

5 for 5, second year in a row...last year all 5 lost in the semis though, considering throwing a game this week just to not risk that happening again

1 out of 3. this has been a very bad year. all three of my teams started 5-0. One of them that is already out started 8-0. the one playoff team is locked in as the top seed and on bye this week. this breaks a string of 6 out of 7 championships scored over the last three years. these were good teams just fell apart, and I can't really explain it.


5 out of 5 leagues.

2 byes.

Entering the playoffs in either 1st or 2nd place in each league (3 10-Team leagues, 2 16-Team leagues).

Combined record 50-15.

100% (2 out of 2)

League 1: #1 seed out of 12, most pts scored by 160. Cruising in this league and the favorite to win the title.

League 2: #6 seed out of 12, most pts scored by 30. Have already won back my entry fee in weekly high score prizes

Eleven out of eleven - 100% (22/23 last two years).

Finished 1st, 1st, 1st, 1st, 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd and 6th on points.

I got Meat Loaf (2 out of 3 aint bad). All went the way I expected. #1 in one, division winner but definitely not a favorite in another, close but not quiet yet in my building project (team should be very good for a long time maybe next year but probably the year after).

Out of my re-draft, I was 4 for 4.

Out of my dynasty teams, I was 3 for 4.

So a total of 7 for 8 or 88%.

I play in ten dynasty leagues and made the playoffs in eight of them. One of the playoff teams was a rebuild that I didn't expect to produce, while one of the teams that missed was a "win-now" team that had a lot of bad luck.

I play in one regular redraft league and made the playoffs there.

3 of 5 made playoffs, one more team will squeak in with a win this week in a league that doesn't do playoffs until week 15 (ugh) and I am winning 3 of 10 mfl $10 best ball leagues and have a chance in about 3 more.

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Rolling_akg said:
Plorfu said:
74.8%, with 47 of those teams being dynasty and 23 of those being auction. Of my redraft squads, 24 are keepers with contract rules.
Holy mackarel! Thats alot of leagues!
How do you have time to sleep at night with that many lineups to set?
Plorfu said:
74.8%, with 47 of those teams being dynasty and 23 of those being auction. Of my redraft squads, 24 are keepers with contract rules.
What on gods earth are you talking about. 100 leagues? If this for serious?

I'm 100%. I play in one big money league. 1st in points, but 4th seed. First year playing, also.

I realize Im a bit green, but 4 leagues is likely the most anyone should play in. How can one manage 10 teams? Or more? At least I couldn't. Its bad enough I read this forum 3/9 hours im at work .. :shrug: and thats for one team!

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Verdict is still out in a few leagues...

So far:

Dynasty - 2/7

3 of the leagues were orphaned teams I took over, with 2 of them being complete rebuilds (the one that wasnt a complete rebuild made the playoffs). Another team was in rebuild mode as well (collected draft pics for next year). Just missed the playoffs in another (Decker on the bench last week cost me).

Still up in the air:

2 dynasty, 2 redraft

In each othem, if I win, I'm in.

only 50% this year ( 3 for 6 ) ... missed two leagues playoffs by 1 game

last year I was 75% and the year before 100% making 3 Super Bowls

five teams.

all five have made the playoffs.

1 points title

1 league I have a bye.

One league I was dead last in points yet 8n5. Funny how that happens

FUBAR said:
SproutDaddy said:
FUBAR said:
3/4 dynasty

4/5 redraft
Sorry you were the only one in our division that didn't make it in redraft. Just goes to show how tough it was. Can't believe I started 1-4 and ended up 8-5 winning the division.
We're in a league together?
There's a team with the "Fubar" name in the only redraft I did. You're the only one I've ever seen use that name. I might be wrong in my assumption.
Oh this is where I get to brag about my ff prowess.

100%. 2 leagues. Total points leader in both.

3 of 4, 75%.

#1 seed in my only redraft league.

#2 seed in a keeper league I took over this season.

#6 seed in a dynasty league. Squeaked in as the last team based on point but had a loosing record.

#25 overall in my final league which is a 32 team IDP dynasty league.

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