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Phillip Linday for Josh Gordon (1 Viewer)


14 team half point PPR. Start 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex

Being offered Lindsay and I give up Gordon.

My RBs and WRs

RB: Le'Veon Bell, Alex Collins, Theo Riddick, Marlon Mack

WR: Mike Evans, Josh Gordon,  Kenny Golladay, Pierre Garcon, Brandon Marshall, Ted Ginn

My RB position is obviously hurting with Bell out for the foreseeable future. I do have some sort of depth at WR, but not much. The trade seems to make sense at first glance. Gordon has a ton of upside though, but risky as well.

Thoughts? Pull the trigger or stand pat?

If you can wait a week, i think you might be able to grab lindsay for garçon or marshal. both have decent matchups and a good shot at solid points. Ginn too. Gordon may not play fully, which would help your negotiating point. I say hold for this week and see what else you can peddle. 

I love Lindsey and even so if you weren't hurting at RB I'd pass, but with your need I would gamble and do it.


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