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Pierce/Akers for Metchie/Etienne? (1 Viewer)


16 team, PPR, Devy, TE Premium, start 11 on offense

Yes, huge rosters so depth is always a key consideration. I’m a Texans fan so the guy with Metchie reached out curious to find a deal and pointed at Pierce for Metchie plus more.

WR is probably my weakest area across the board where my WR1/2 are currently Jeudy/Gabe Davis, but I worked deals to get both Pierce (drafted) and Dotson (trade) in the off-season.

RB is totally fine for me - CMC, Conner, Breece, Akers, plus more. I’m annually in the top 2-4 teams right now and can probably absorb Metchie fine on taxi a year.

Is it worth the RB upgrade and potential upside of Metchie next year to deal away Pierce/Akers with only Etienne playable this year or should I stand pat?


I’d pull the trigger.

Just heard the Rams might be in a 3-headed RBBC + seeing your current RB depth + WR being your thinnest position all = this making sense for you.

This is all assuming Metchie will be able to play next season. I still think it’s worth the gamble.

Take a look at mine if you have a chance:



I probably decline. I don't have ETN or Akers as high as most so they are close for me. Metchie is a bit of question and I don't know if/when he will play again.

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