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Pierre Thomas week 17 status (1 Viewer)


Anyone have word on his status for week 17?

He finished the game week 16, and did not appear to be injured but has missed practice the last 2 days....

From KFFL:

Saints | Thomas misses practice Thursday

Thu, 25 Dec 2008 17:04:19 -0800

Larry Holder, of the Biloxi Sun-Herald, reports New Orleans Saints RB Pierre Thomas (wrist, back) did not participate in practice Thursday, Dec. 25. He likely will not play in Week 17.

Hopefully there will be more info after practice today. If Thomas is out, Deuce could be a good play. Could be his last game as a Saint and the game is at home.

I say shut him down. Too many broken dreams in meaningless fights.

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From the Sun Herald:

Running back Pierre Thomas (wrist, back) also missed his third consecutive practice and is questionable for Sunday. Saints coach Sean Payton said he would work out Thomas and defensive tackle Kendrick Clancy (hamstring, didn't practice Friday, questionable) before the noon kickoff to determine their status.

If Thomas can't play, Deuce McAllister and Mike Bell will split carries and the team would sign Lynell Hamilton off the practice squad.


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