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Player Spotlight: Brandon Myers, TE, New York Giants (1 Viewer)

Jason Wood

Zoo York
2013 Player Spotlight Series

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Thread Topic: Brandon Myers, TE, New York Giants

Player Page Link: Brandon Myers Player Page

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Bennett put up a stat line of 55/626/5 last year. Would you be over/under that with Myers?
Hard to say at this time

Reports out of camp say that he is clicking with Eli which is a good thing but per the same reports some of the younger TE’s are also looking as well and that they plan on using multiple TE’s. Bennett will be the starter for sure at the TE spot. Also a guy that may threaten the number of looks the TE gets is Ruben Randle. He is having a great camp for what it’s worth.

Its telling that a guy that had a career season last year only got a one year low money contract. Maybe he isn't the best talent but the Giants make it work with tight ends. I think he will be on another team next season if Adrien Robinson pans out to be the "JPP of tight ends".

His value is much higher in a PPR system. He isn't a downfield threat and had 4 touchdowns last year in Oakland. I think that the TD amount will change, but I think this guy is more fit for a redraft than a Dynasty team unless they had a guy waiting in the wings.

A lot of people refer to him as a security blanket but the giants are coming in now with 3 wideouts, including a very talented slot receiver. What the giants envision here, I believe, is a big downfield guy that can take advantage of a 1 on 1 with a linebacker/smaller defensive back on play action sets for a big play. Cruz is a double team all the time, and Nicks when healthy and producing is so as well. Its too early to make an argument with Randle, but the point is that Meyers is the guy the Giants had to get to have a legit NFL ready tight end while they are grooming this other guy.

His blocking is questionable as well. I think Mike Pope does a great job with these guys, but this offensive line is not good. I think, when assessing Giant TEs, we have to take in account that this line will be arguably worse than last year. Martellus Bennett had some really impressive games and was a good blocker as well. But that was a bad offensive line last year and as the core of them get older, odds are that it will probably get worse.

What Meyers excels at, maybe a little bit because of his anonymity or maybe because of his shorter route tree, is getting the ball at opportune spots. He's a guy that can get open because of his routes and can make catches. Good hands but not good after the catch. Doesn't have the talent to make some more yardage.

So he is not the kind of upside play that Adrien Robinson is, however in a PPR, he will be a good guy to take at his ADP as a high #2/low#1. He doesn't score enough touchdowns for me in standard and what truly scares me is some of these yardage totals. I think however that we can safely bump his projected totals a bit more for yardage and touchdowns vs his last season because of the quality of offense he's in and the overcoming of the injury he sustained.

I say 49/610/5 with 16 games as the starter as a qualifier. This year, he can be in the top 13 so long as he gets the full season to play, but drafters need to be concerned with the competition at the position from Robinson and the poor blocking that could get him benched if Coughlin is inclined to do so.

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workdog3 said:
Bennett put up a stat line of 55/626/5 last year. Would you be over/under that with Myers?
I'd go slightly under on the yardage (receptions probably in that range) - Bennett is much more athletic.

I'll go with 51-540-6. The Giants system has been TE friendly over the years and while Myers isn't the athlete that Shockey or Bennett were/are, but he's certainly as good as stiffs like Kevin Boss and Jake Ballard that did well in this offense with Eli.


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