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Super sleepers for week 3 (1 Viewer)

Julian Hill, TE #2 today for Miami, after being inactive for 2 games due to.an ankle injury. UDFA out of Campbell (Fighting Camels in NC!). Great blocker in the preseason, more YAC than Smythe who's been a pleasant surprise. Deep sleeper.
At WR, seems someone has to step up for KC, Skyy Moore I suppose. I really like Rashee Rice, drafted him in a couple of leagues, but had to drop him to add a DEF/ST.
Read somewhere Justin Watson was working extra with Mahomes more to get in sync on routes & breaks. Not sure if all KCC WR have done this but if dart throws worthy of a “look” I think he merits consideration since the other WR have all disappointed
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Starting Baker in a couple leagues- may have success vs banged up Philly secondary if he can survive the pass rush.

Theilan seems to be someone who could have a nice day with Dalton.

K Miller day to shine finally, mentioned a lot already.

Mike Williams isn't a sleeper but I think he explodes vs Minnesota
Well, part of him did, anyway

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