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Playoff starting lineup advice (1 Viewer)

Wise Simpleton

half point ppr: need to start 3 wr and a flex, here are my options.... tyler lockett, corey davis, allen robinson, chris carson, and julian edelman. im leaning starting the 4 receivers and benching carson but would love some input cause im really torn here

half point ppr: need a flex between spencer ware and josh gordon (leaning ware but dolphins CB howard is out)

and finally, i need a qb between matt ryan (against green bay) and jared goff (against bears). we do 6 point TD passes and -4 for interceptions. really struggling with this one. 


I'd start Carson, he's too involved to sit for these WR3 types. I'd rank them: Edelman>Lockett>Carson>Robinson>Davis

I'd go Ware over Gordon, too much TD potential.

Goff over Ryan. Falcons are falling apart, and Goff seems to play his best in the spotlight.


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