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Playoffs and TV scheduling (1 Viewer)


Im a big Giants fan and unfortunately my gf's parents got me tix to a broadway show for xmas the night of January 7th (Saturday). This may cause me to have to miss the game if they are scheduled to play in that time slot.Assuming they lock the #4 seed in the NFC, does anyone know if they will be an afternoon or night game and on Saturday or Sunday? Is there a formula to their time slots or does it simply go with potential ratings after they see the matchups?

I could see it being the latest game on the docket for either Sat. or Sun. being on the east coast and given the New York market. But, it could equally be either Saturday or Sunday imo.

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game dates are decided by the networks. whoever shows saturday games (abc, i think) picks its no. 1 game and gets it. after that, whichever conference isn't chosen, it's network choses which game it wants sunday. for example: giants get picked by abc for saturday prime time ... totally logical. ny market. nbc picks which game it wants for sunday. fox gets other nfc game sunday. abc gets other afc game saturday.


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