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.... I don't know if there was a better way to moderate the board, I would never say that....

I am skeptical that we could keep politics off the board entirely. I mean are we really expected not to discuss the 2024 presidential election at all?

Consider it a "sin tax"

Everyone who contributes and operates in good faith and believes in actual positive community values, which are the majority, are "taxed" They are all punished universally to subsidize the presence of a few bad faith actors with an aggregate of hundreds of thousands of posts doing the same toxic BS where they go into thread after thread spitting in other people's faces for sport.

And that's the key issue - If you start permanently banning people who would be banned anywhere else on the entire Internet for their same toxic behavior, they are no longer an issue to moderate. That's the critical thing no one is discussing.

The moderation workload increases from the splash damage of bad faith actors who are enabled to remain.

Corporate for chain restaurants have a process for this that's routine. If a location has a consistently trouble spot difficult customer or set of non stop PITA customers, then offer them their current meal/table order free if they agree to never return.

You want the truth? Here's the truth. Sometimes Joe laments that he wishes people here could behave better. But the context to that is no one here, on an individual level, has more power than he does to effect widespread positive change if he wanted to do it. He clearly doesn't want to do it in terms of culling the herd. And that's his right as the site owner. But this place badly needs addition by subtraction. And I'm not the only one saying it, even people who normally disagree with me are saying it in this thread, even some people whose political viewpoints are even the exact opposite of mine are saying it.

You are exactly right, of course, when then the 2024 general cycle comes out, by mid 2023, the same carnival of toxic people are going to run through the FFA like it was a latrine. And why would they act any different? They've been conditioned and enabled so far to believe that their inflicted "sin tax" is actually being rewarded. People continue behavior where they see that they are consistently rewarded for it.

And once the FFA gets shut down, if the same toxic people manage to survive that, then they'll go use the Shark Pool like a toilet too.

Every regular who has been here long enough knows exactly what "they" are going to do once the smoke clears. I'm not going to pretend about it, no one else here should either.

You've been taxed for a crime you didn't commit. Of course you don't like how it tastes in your mouth. No reasonable person would.


I was pretty active 2019-2021. It kind of gets old. At some point every thread devolves into a game of gotcha or trying to prove the other guy is a hypocrite. And don't forget the whataboutism. You'd start off with a fresh topic/idea, and ultimately always end up at the same destination.

I liked knowing it was there, and would pop in if I was bored.


A message from Tim...

“Hey I’ve been suspended or Id do this myself. Just wanted you guys to know I really enjoyed talking issues with almost all of you-even the arguments. I’ve encountered some really cool people here on all sides and learned a lot. And I apologize if I’ve contributed in any way to the forum being shut down. Best wishes to everyone and I hope to encounter you all at some point in the FFA where I plan to continue future song lists and chess tournaments.”
If? 😂

Too funny Tim’s final psf send-off from the sidelines. Classic
It's kind of like Red Klotz missing the final game for the Washington Generals.

Joe Bryant

Staff member
Thanks Folks. We've had a couple of days to process and discuss which is what i wanted to provide with this thread.

We don't see any upside to continuing to drag this out so we'll close this.

Thank you for being civil on this and thanks for the discussion.

And please help us with what we're asking in keeping political talk off all the Footballguys forums.

As I said at the beginning, I'm not saying our way is the right way. I'm just saying this is how we think it's best to operate and it's the way we're going to go for now.

And I do mean it when I hope folks can channel the passion and energy many have for political issues into productive areas.

Peace and Grace to y'all.
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