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Post Combine: Players on the decline (1 Viewer)

In addition:

Greg Blue was supposed to be blazing fast, but raw. Well, he's just raw. A bigger hitter who took a hit at the combine.

Brian Calhoun was supposed to run with the fastest of backs, but he didn't. It may have been because he hurt his achilles, but he better make it right in five days at his pro day, or opinions on him will really change.

Marcedes Lewis nicked himself with a very slow combine and in light of impressive perfomances from a couple other TEs.

Abdul Hodge can fall in the same category as Parham. Not as much damage done, but Parham was never that high to begin with.

Sinorice Moss took a small hit by being outrun by a few receivers and barely outrunning several bigger receivers. Not a big hit, but those guys are so hard to separate, Moss may tumble on draft day.

Greg Eslinger needed a big combine to restore his status on the same level as Mangold. He didn't.

Greg Lee really should have stayed in school. He did himself no favors at the combine and for a kid who thinks he's a solid second rounder, he's a solid second dayer now.

Victor Adayanju was supposed to be one of the workout warriors like Bunkley, Davis, Nande and Lawson. He wasn't. In his case many were expecting a big jump from the combine. Not getting it is disappointing.

There's probably more...


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