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PPR - 2.05 & Goedert for Chris Carson? (1 Viewer)

Andy Dufresne

Considering I'm rebuilding a team with exactly zero startable RBs this is an easy call to get Carson right? Regardless of how much more Penny is involved?

Goedert is a long time away from relevance.

I think so.  Unless there are some weird scoring quirks that could vault a TE in value for some reason I think this is a no brainer deal to get Carson. 

If I were rebuilding I think I'd hold off depending on my existing RB's.  1 starting RB isn't going to vault me into competitiveness.  I'd keep Goedert and the 2.05.  He'll become relevant at the same time the rest of your team should be.  Not next year perhaps, but maybe 2-3.

I agree with Prinefan.  RBs' shelf life is short, and he may still get challenged.  would rather stash DG and get another shot with the 2.05.


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