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PPR 300 List vs. Draft Dominator (1 Viewer)

Evil Monkey

I had planned on going into my PPR draft this weekend using the Draft Dominator and its rankings/VBD suggestions like I have the last few years. Then I discovered the PPR Top 300 that integrates the ADP into the rankings. I'm intrigued with this and I'm considering using it, but I'm a little confused because it is either one or the other.

For example, the PPR 300 has Calvin Johnson ranked at #4. I'm guessing he falls a little because of his ADP, so there is more value. However, the DD ranks him at #2 overall for my league (yep, its updated projections). I get the ADP value dropping him back because of the value, but if I pick at #2 and don't pick again until the end of the second round, that doesn't do me any good.

I know that I can stray from the rankings and do what I want. I guess my point is, David D says that the PPR Top 300 is his preferred list since it integrates ADP. Does that mean it is preferred over the way DD ranks?

I'm considering entering the PPR Top300 as my preranking list in the system and then using the DD to keep an eye on VB and point dropoffs.

Which would you use out of the PPR 300 and DD?

There is a similar question in the APPS Forum. I've been trying to figure out if there is a way to incorporate it. I'm printing it out and will use it as a sheet during the draft.

But the other way to consider it is to use the DD as it's intended by utilizing the Best Value window.

According to Dodds:

  • 1. If I have a player at 30 and ADP has him at 50, I assign a list_rank value of 40 (30+50)/2
  • 2. If I have a player at 50, and ADP has him at 40, I assign a list_rank value of 50 (my value)
You can avoid creating the sheet and all the work importing it by using the Best Value window:

1 - if the value suggests that you are getting a player before his ADP, maybe you want to let him slide. Depends on ADP value and the drop-off in that position until your next pick.

2 - If the value suggest that a player is available after his ADP, grab him.

Thanks. The Best Value is what I was talking of using when debating whether or not to use DD. I didn't realize that the ADP average that is used in the PPR Top 300 was incorporated into that. I thought the best value was points based and the drop off to the next player.

The top 300 uses same tech as DD but attempts to incorporate where people are being taken. if you think Lacy is a top 10 back in your projections you still shouldn't take him in round 1.


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