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PPR League - QB anchor in first round (1 Viewer)


knowing your own league scoring rules is critical on draft day. In our League TD points 's are by distance 0-9 = 6. 10-39=9 and 40+=12. With double points for out of position scores example if an RB catches a TD, he doubles the points or if a QB runs one in. Double pts.

We will have Rogers and Brees at minimum taken in Round 1. To make things more interesting we have 11 teams, with the twelth team being weekly average as an opponent. It makes for more loaded/fun rosters. Your thoughts please. The Waverunner .

I would have no problem going round one on a QB with your settings. I play in a distance TD league and QBs are by far the highest scoring. Toss in the crossover double TDs and I'd be happy to grab Cam or RGIII.


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