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PPR ROS - George Pickens or Wan'Dale Robinson (1 Viewer)


Trying to decide between these two. Toney being traded away makes Robinson a lot more attractive. But possibility Claypool gets traded away which would make Pickens more attractive.

Full PPR

Remaining Schedules - Neither would be a starter for me this week so don't care about Week 8

George Pickens
9 - BYE
10 - home vs Saints
11 - home vs Bengals
12 - at Colts
13 - at Falcons
14 - home vs Ravens
15 - at Panthers
16 - home vs Raiders
17 - at Ravens

Wan'Dale Robinson
9 - BYE
10 - home vs Texans
11 - home vs Lions
12 - at Cowboys
13 - home vs Commanders
14 - home vs Eagles
15 - at Commanders
16 - at Vikings
17 - home vs Colts


Edge to Pickens for me. Giants must run to win,takes a bit away from Robinson although I do like his skill set going forward.
Steelers should pass more in the second half so more targets for Pickens and he should be more of a red zone threat than Robinson.


PIckens is the easy choice for me. They utilize him around the endzone so he always has the chance for a TD. He and PIckett have a connection. I role with that.

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