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PPR, trade Bell for D. Johnson (1 Viewer)


Super Flex league. Only have to start 1 RB. PPR, bonuses for 100 yards. 

My normal starters are Mahomes, Newton, L. Murray, Beckham, Evans, John Brown, Njoku

Other RBs behind L. Murray are Powell and Bell only. Had Hyde and he got traded.  So I dropped him. 

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I'm assuming this is redraft.

Where are you in the pecking order? If you believe reports, you're waiting another 1-3 weeks for Bell. If you're in the hunt, no way do I make that trade. If you're needing immediate wins or your season is over, I cringe and probably do it. David Johnson has not done well at all this year and maybe Leftwich is the answer for him, but it's a drop off for sure and one I'd only make if I was needing immediate wins.


I should have added..... I'm 3-4 and smack dab in the middle of the pack.  I wouldn't say needing "immediate wins" 


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