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Predict the wild-card playoff schedule (1 Viewer)

3 scheduled Playoff games are all extensions of the regular season, In-Division rivalries fill up 4:30-Sat, 1:00-Sun and then SNF
Saturday Night is a true Wildcard game you like to see in the Playoffs, East vs West, don't typically play each other, should be wildly entertaining
Same for MNF except you expect the Cowboys to crush the Bucs on paper
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I always thought that these schedules were determined like more of a draft among the networks, but the Marchand and Ourand sports business podcast this week said that actually all the networks submit their requests to the NFL and then the NFL decides how to schedule the games, partly based on those requests. And there is some thought that the league gave ESPN the Cowboys game because they basically lost the last MNF game due to the Hamlin situation.

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