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Puig and Soler....grab them....NOW! (1 Viewer)


Both outfielders. Both great Cuban prospects. Puig has a slim chance of making the Dodgers roster after destroying the ball this spring. Soler has already been sent down by the Cubs but could be called up later in the year. Both will be stars in the future.

Puig problem is the outfield is too crowded in LA for him to get a real shot anytime soon. I had him on my minors roster and actually dropped him just prior to our minors draft in order to make an opening for some arms.

Soler is going to be good. But I think his chances of seeing the majors this season are slim to none. 2014 will be a different story.

The Los Angeles Dodgers will call up top prospect Yasiel Puig on Monday, in a move that the team undoubtedly hopes will help its anemic offense.The team announced the move on Sunday, saying the Cuban star would likely make his Dodgers debut on Monday.Puig, an outfielder, was ranked No. 47 in Baseball America’s list of Top 100 prospects for 2013. He defected from Cuba in 2012, after which he signed a seven-year, $42 million deal with the Dodgers.In 40 games with Double-A Chattanooga, Puig was batting .313 with eight homers and 37 RBI. He had a .982 OPS. The Dodgers currently rank 28th in the majors in runs scored and 20th in team OPS.The 22-year-old Puig impressed in spring training, batting .526. But his major-league debut was delayed by the presence of Andre Either, Carl Crawford and Matt Kemp in the Dodgers’ outfield. Kemp was placed on the 15-day disabled list last Thursday with a strained right hamstring, while Crawford left Saturday’s game against the Colorado Rockies with an injured left hamstring.
I dropped Jose Bautista in May of 2010, but that doesn't even compare to the heartache and pain of waiting a day too long on Puig.

See him take that pitch to the face and keep playing? They guy isn't human. He's a machine.

That being said....

I got offered Chris Davis for him and turned it down. Trying to counter for either J. Votto or R. Cano...hehehe.

I got offered Chris Davis for him and turned it down. Trying to counter for either J. Votto or R. Cano...hehehe.
No one is giving up Votto or Cano for Puig. Adjustments are coming and regression is almost a given. If you've got a good team and Puig is a luxury (like he should be), Id do the Davis deal in a hearbeat.


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