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Questions for tonight's podcast (1 Viewer)

Jene Bramel

Less big news on the docket for tonight. Hopefully, that'll leave time for more questions this week.

Thanks for listening. :rolleyes:

Analysis of PHI DE rotation with Parker playing well.

Will he continue to start? How much is he playing? Are there other DEs that could be come a factor this year and down the line?

Thanks Jene!

advice on tillman and sean jones, please.

also, is horton a season long stud in the making and are coopers numbers sustainable?


Is Leonard Little back?

Will Poz keep up his recent production after the bye?

Is it ***officially*** time to give up on Jared Allen (some were expecting much more from him than he gave vs. the Lions)?

Is it time to get worried about DeMeco Ryans and Barrett Ruud (will these injuries linger and decrease production as in years past)?

JaxBill said:
What happened to CLinton Hart and is Eric Weddle for real?
I too would like to know about this.What's happening with Antonio Pierce he just hasn't been living up to his previous scoring. Injury - scheme change? Just getting older.What about Tampa Bay linebacking situation - life after Derrick Brooks - Geno Hayes (saw him playing - or ??) Houston linebackers - Adibi/Greenwood ? Diles seems to be the real deal?Patrick Willis - better offense leaving less time for him to make tackles?
whats up with Pisa Tinoisamoa. He was a throw in, in a recent trade - can he keep this up or is their someone hurting along the Rams line that is providing him more opportunities? So even the defense of Rams in general??

Once Dexter Jackson returns from injury (should be soon)what happens to Chindeum Ndukwe? Surely the Bengals won't bungle this one and return him to the bench, will they???

I'd like to know more about Pisa Tinoisamoa as well. Is he worth a roster spot?

At DE, who are these guys and are they worth consideration as potential pick up? Ray McDonald, Jared Devries, Jay Richardson, Shaun Ellis

Mathis blew them away Sunday - 6 tackles 3 sacks 1 forced fumble

Was this uptick the result of increased playing time due to D Line injuries on the Colts or due to injuries on the Baltimore O Line? or both?

Recent discussions have noted that Mathis's playing time is still restricted primarily to obvious passing downs and that this did not project well down the track. Question this week, is this a signal of a real uptick in production (he is the #2 ranked DL in our league) and has 5 sacks and 3 forced fumbles on the year or is it great sell high point ?

Clearly when Indy have the lead and their opponents are forced to throw, Mathis's chances improve.

Potential question for the IDP podcast.


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