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Questions Pondering for Week 13 for Deeper & Dynasty Leagues (1 Viewer)


Some questions I'm thinking through as head into the most important weeks of the season for lineup selections and future roster choices:


1. Mitch Trubisky has a history of success against Detroit. Will he play well enough this week to hold the job for duration of 2020 and as final audition for 2021 (for the Bears or someone else)?

2. Can Colt McCoy push the ball down the field against Seahawks defense in Week 13 to have value in leagues that start 2 QB's?

3. Home / Road splits not as dramatic in 2020. We watched Mike Glennon & Brandon Allen at home last week. This week they are on the road...how about the Vikings & Dolphins defenses?

4. Some optimism now being expressed Tua could play in Week 13. If you own Devonte Parker, do you hope it's FitzMagic out there? If both active, can you start either in 2 QB leagues?


5. Ito Smith outplayed Brian Hill in Week 12. Gurley's status is unknown. If Gurley can't go, who can be trusted? Next 4 Falcons games: vs Saints, @ Chargers, vs Bucs, @ Chiefs (negative gamescripts)

6. Adam Gase and the 0-11 Jets gave Frank Gore 18 carries in a 20-3 loss, with 2 carries for Ty Johnson, and 1 carry for Josh Adams. Any chance this may change down the stretch? 23 year old Ty Johnson (2019 6th rounder out of Maryland) has 71 carries between Lions & Jets organizations.

7. Will David Johnson return in Houston? If not, will CJ Prosise get more run? He had 6 touches but lost a fumble on Thanksgiving. They will need more playmakers with Fuller out, and Cobb still on IR.

8. Does Myles Gaskin return to lead Dolphins backfield in Week 13? If he's not ready, how do they split it up given DeAndre Washington led team in snaps, though mostly late in game.

9. Giovani Bernard got 8 carries in Week 12, Samaje Perine 0 and Trayveon Williams 1. With only Trayveon signed for 2021, will they give him more run?


10. Denzel Mims has seen 8 targets in 3 straight games. Can he develop connection with Darnold? Crowder is a potential veteran casualty in offseason, Perriman a free agent again. Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields train coming in NY?

11. Nelson Agholar has seen 42-44 snaps the last 4 weeks and 3-9 targets. Will the Raiders rebound off awful loss to Falcons and get him more involved in game plan?


12. Indianapolis reported committing to Trey Burton in Week 12. Will that trend continue?


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