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Random trivia (1 Viewer)

Chase Stuart

The '05 Dolphins hold a distinction that no other team in NFL history can claim. This is something that could happen to every team, every year; it's not at all team or player specific.

They were abandoned by their coach who ended up coaching in the SEC championship game several years later?

The only 9-7 team with two, three game losing streaks throughout the season...grasping for straws here...lol.

lose a game by a field goal? (closest loss was 6 points)

give up 300 or more yards passing in a game?

I admit it, I'm looking at the team page.

The only team to have their leader in total yards from scrimmage not score a single TD? Wes Welker had 2208 all purpose yards.

Chase Stuart said:
The correct answer: they are the only team that saw opposing kickers convert every single field goal attempt.
Is there someplace that we the little people would have been able to even look that up?

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