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**Ravens at Cardinals** (+9.5, 44.5) 4:25 (1 Viewer)

For those still alive in Survivor (like me) and still haven't used Baltimore (not like me) this is a great week to use them. I can't see the Ravens really being challenged much this week. This feels like it could be a repeat of last week only less unexpected. I'll say Ravens win 34-7.

I think this is a big Lamar game, both passing and rushing. He's a DFS centerpiece for me this week. I do think Baltimore could go out of their way a little bit this week to get Odell Beckham going.
I've gotten so used to wild swings in the Ravens quality of play from drive to drive that I'm still a little messed up by last week's game. Traditionally, they'd lay an egg in this spot. I think Baltimore is good enough to beat Arizona even if they don't play their best, but I also thought that with Pittsburgh & Indy.

Defense travels, right? Ravens 24, Cardinals 10.
The Ravens are a better team at every position currently.
The Cardinals have kept most their games close.
But not today.
Nostradumbass says...

Baltimore- 37
Arizona- 16
For some of us, thinking of those with Marquis Brown, the hope is garbage time points in a blowout. He's been a target hog most weeks.
of course ljax absolutely shreds one of the better defenses in the league last week and struggling to move the ball vs AZ today
Josh Dobbs might be playing himself OUT of the QB chair
I would think the minute Kyler Murray is available that Arizona would want to get him started
Announcers actually talking about the Ravens burning some more clock vs getting the TD with the game tied 7-7 in the 1st Half

Are they honestly trying to pretend that Dobbs is anything like an elite NFL QB that can move a team down the field in 30 seconds?
Who cares how much time Arizona has when they get the ball?

And it's the 1st HALF, not the end of the game.
Ridiculous they would even bring it up
Are the Ravens going to be able to hold on?

I did not want to pick this game, knew it would e a little closer than some thought
Cards go for two to bring a 2 score game down to a 2 score game

(11 to 9)

that cost my DST 3 points JG is a dork
LOL. Everybody who bet the Ravens just pretty much lost on a knuckler kick after he missed one that was blown dead because of a false start.

Gambling stinks.

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