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Ray Rice - RB, BAL - Active (and starting) (1 Viewer)

From Roto (and posted in the Rice thread earlier)

ESPN's Adam Schefter reports Ray Rice (hip) is expected to play in Sunday's Week 4 game against the Bills "unless he suffers a setback in pre-game warm-ups." Analysis: NFL Network seconds this report by saying Rice will play "barring something crazy." Rice will be a must-start in a juicy matchup against the lowly Bills, but it's fair to wonder how much of the load he'll shoulder. Bernard Pierce is a quality back in his own right and will likely see more touches than he normally would in a game Rice is active. Rice is an RB1, while Pierce has flex appeal.
Good luck figuring out what to do.

Dang it! I have Rice and Pierce and a juicy matchup. But who's to tell how the split will be between these two? I'm going back to Bilal Powell.

Ray Rice (hip) ready to go for Ravens Sunday

Ray Rice (hip) is active for Sunday's Week 4 game at Buffalo.
Rice will start and ESPN's Adam Schefter hears he won't be limited too much at all. The question is how far the Ravens will extend his workload. Rice said on Friday that he was a little concerned that he could get fatigued while playing his first game since going down on Sept. 15. We tentatively expect a fairly even timeshare between Rice and Bernard Pierce against the Bills' injury-ravaged defense. Rice is a borderline RB1 and Pierce is a viable flex option. The Ravens inactives: WR Jacoby Jones, S Jeromy Miles, LB Arthur Brown, DT Terrence Cody, OT Jah Reid, G Ryan Jensen and WR Brandon Stokley.
Sep 29 - 11:39 AM


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