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RBBC moving forward (1 Viewer)


I will comment mainly on the RBBC's that I follow and are more involved with, based on 12 or 14 team PPR leagues.

Denver- when Torrain went down in pre season, against my better judgement I picked up Young as my #3 and also added Hall just in case. Typical Shanny fashion Pittman is the one to own. From what I have seen and heard Young has looked great in limited looks, 5.65 YPC. Why did Pitmann get so many carries that Young never got?

Going forward- who knows? If you can carry Pittman, Torrian, or Young, you hope the one you have takes over but expect nothing.

Dynasty- stay away

NYG- I do not see all the Giant games but my eyeball test, last year Bradshaw > Jacobs, this year Ward > Jacobs.

Going forward- this year if there are no injuries to the 3, Jacobs is still the one to own but I think Ward starts cutting into his carries more and more this year. Because the Giants ground game is great for both NFL and FF Jacobs and Ward will put up points. Jacobs is #18 in my PPR league but I can see him losing ground rather than gaining.

Dynasty- for the money I like Bradshaw's chances for taking over the lead role in a form of RBBC with Jacobs gone elsewhere with a new contract.

Baltimore- I went into this year investing in Cam's ability to make a RB stud out of McGahee or Rice, has not happened so far. I see McLain just being used as a situational hammer RB.

Going Forward- a healthy McGahee should be a high #2 RB this year, problem is will he be healthy. If McGahee is in and out with injuries I don't think any Raven RB will have any value. If McGahee goes down for the year I think Rice gets the between the 20's work with MANY receptions and McLain being the goal line back. If you still believe in the Cam effect both could range from mid #2 - low #3 depending on the matchups.

Dynasty- I'm still on the Rice bandwagon long term but a healthy McGahee could still produce as a feature back.

Tampa Bay- I liked the value of Graham going into the season and he has actually looked better than I thought. Problem is Dunn found the fountain of youth and Cadillac is still lurking in the shadows. I really don't know if anybody can speculate on Cadillac for 2009 and beyond, I would be surprised to see him this year.

Going forward- Graham is the #13 RB in my PPR league, I can see him getting more looks as the year goes on and stay in this range as a high #2. Dunn is not going away and should make a good flex or spot #3RB as Tampa will run, run, run and both will get receptions.

Dynasty- Graham should have 1-2 years left after this year and Dunn 1 more, and produce like this year if Caddy is not back. Either Cadillac is back or they may draft an RB to groom for 2010.

Green Bay- I think this is a big week for the future of Grant in GB. If he produces he should keep his role as the feature back, just losing some 3rd down looks to Jackson. If Grant does not look like the RB he was last year I think Jackson could get enough looks to see what he can do.

Going forward- slight edge towards Grant keeping the #1 RB job, keep an eye on Jackson getting the chance to take over.

Dynasty- 2009 may start out with Grant, Jackson , and Lumpkin all getting a chance in training camp to seize control of the #1 RB job. A 2 man RBBC could still produce numbers with this young talented offense.

Jets- I have never been a big believer in T Jones but so far he has done OK, #17 RB in PPR. I thought "Neon Leon" would get more looks than he has and also can see TJ going down injured sometime this year opening the door for Washington. Leon is short but not really small, I can see him being a version of Tiki or Westbrook.

Going forward- TJ is the man for now but I can see Washington getting more looks as the year goes on and Chatman only having value as the thunder to Leons lightning if TJ is out.

Dynasty- Jets draft a RB to compete for #1 or run a RBBC with Washington 2009 and beyond.

Let's discuss these and any other RRBC's of interest.

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Kiddnets said:
good stuff - would be interested in Det as well
I'm a recovering Lion fan in Detroit. It is hard to gather an opinion due to the offensive mess they have there but Kevin Smith has not looked bad considering there has been nowhere to run. Depending on the new GM and coach, I would think Smith could be the lead dog in a RBBC next year with a rookie or free agent RB also being brought in. IMO Rudi's best days are behind him.

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