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Real Stat? (1 Viewer)

drunken slob

This question involves a Yahoo hosted league. Scoring and lineups not important for this discussion.

The commissioner of the league wants to use "Fourth-Down Stops" as a scored stat each week. I have not seen this supported anywhere, ever. Quickly, I have ran a league at mfl.com for eleven years now. I went to the site to determine if this was a supported scoring category, it is not.

After the discussion, I went to nfl.com and looked at a Broncos @ Patriots box score from last season, did not see

"Fourth-Down Stops" listed. I then proceeded to the Gamebook, or, National Football League Game Summary for Broncos @ Pats, didn't see any mention of "Stops." I saw efficiency for both third and fourth down, but that isn't "Stops".

I believe I have done enough research about this subject feel like this isn't supported via Stats Inc. or any other service. However, if this is an officially supported stat at Yahoo or anywhere else, please feel free to set me straight.

Now to what I do best, :banned:

I'm in a Yahoo league that has had this for at least a year or two. As far as where this stat is stored, I dunno? Never had an issue with it though. It's accurate. As you can imagine, it doesn't happen a ton.


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