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Reuben Foster, what are you doing with him? (1 Viewer)


Pretty standard tackle dependant league I have to start 3 LB, I lost Shazier and now need some help at LB

I have the following

  1. Wagner - 4.9 million
  2. Rueben Foster - 2.5
  3. Brandon Marshall -1.0
100 million salary cap per team, tough question to answer but I need LB help. Was thinking of letting Foster go as I can drop him for free and try to re-sign him for minimun 1m via FA. Or I can just keep him at 2.5. Trying to gauge what on earth to do with him. Part of me says cut the 2.5 and pursue some FA. But man the kid is talented and could be a beast. 


You will be vey lucky indeed if you can pass Foster through a salary dump.  His upside is tremendous and it is hard to imagine 11 other owners all sour on him.  Especially with his (current) legal issues mostly behind him.

For comparison, look at how Burfict’s value is holding in your league.  Similar case of a guy with high on-field value but high behavioral risk.

I recommend holding on to him and playing him whenever he is active, but if you want to mitigate the risk, try trading him to someone for a second-tier veteran or an upcoming rookie.  (Probably won’t get Tremaine or Roquan for him because of “rookie fever” but you could probably get Evans.)

Generally I wouldn't bother with the headache, however without knowing who you could replace him with it makes it tough to decide.  His price doesn't seem that high but not knowing what LB's usually go for I could be wrong. 

If I could pick up someone that is a solid LB that you can trust I would do that.  If the pickins are too slim then I might keep for the upside. 


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