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Rick Gosselin on the Draft (1 Viewer)


We had Rick Gosselin from the Dallas Morning News as our guest on my 100% commercial-free, absolutely no one makes a dime from it, Long Island Sports Talk radio show last night. I have long considered him to be the most knowledgeable Draft resource out there.

Here is the link to the interview:


This is by no means an exhaustive transcript of all that was said, but it should give you a good guide. As always, I hope you enjoy and please tell a friend.


--Reggie Bush

--The Buzz right now is “What happens to the 3 QB’s? Where do they go?” They have to be placed in the Top 10 to get a fix on the Board.

--The Saints at 2

--Jets/Titans & Trading Up

--The Titans are the Wild Card as they are definitely taking a QB

--Mario Williams

--“The NFL Draft is all about measurables. It’s not how you play, but how you look.”

--“The Jets can’t lose if they’re looking at Ferguson and Williams at #4.”

--Ferguson vs. Ogden and Pace

--Comparing the Big 3 QB’s

--Vince Young & the Wonderlic Test

--A discussion of what the Wonderlic tests

--A discussion on Jay Cutler

--Where would Alex Smith have gone in this Draft?

--We then conduct a Mock Draft for the 1st 10 picks.

--A discussion of the Jets’ quarterback situation

--Rick believes that it’s a 6-player Draft, followed by Cutler, Young and Huff. He says that there is no consensus 10th guy.

--Rick feels that the Draft is soft between 10 and 20, but picks up steam in the 20’s.

--Rick says that he has determined that there are 36 players with 1st Round value, with most coming in the 20’s, so teams will have some options in the 20’s.

--With 3 picks in the Top 35, Ricks feels that the Jets will get some good players

--Rick slots 9 RB’s for the First Day, with a drop off on the second day.

--LenDale White

--The separation has increased between #1 WR Santonio Holmes and #2 Chad Jackson

--It’s a bad year for wide receivers. Rick is not sure that there will be a Top 20 WR, and maybe even only 1 in the First Round.

--Giants are looking Defense

--Rick expects 6 or 7 CB’s to go in the First Round, along with 4 LB’s and 3 DT’s, so the Giants “should have a couple of good defensive options when they go on the clock.”

--RB’s are sliding into the 20’s. Good teams could get good running backs. There should be 5 1st Round RB’s taken, and the Colts will be one of them.

--Marcus Vick

--Anthony Fasano should go in the 2nd and Maurice Stovall in the 3rd

--Rick doesn’t even look at tape; he talks to the NFL personnel guys and develops a consensus Draft Board of “This is what the NFL thinks….”

--Brett Favre and Retirement

--Terrell Owens in Dallas

--Jerry Jones/Jimmy Johnson/Barry Switzer

--Rick’s presenting retired Cowboys to the Hall of Fame Committee

--Michael Irvin and the Hall

--Art Monk

--Harry Carson and why Rick changed his mind on him

--Rick thinks there is a logjam developing in the Hall vote, and that next year (and maybe even the year after), all 6 finalists should get in.

--The so-called bias against the Cowboys in the Hall vote.

--Bill Parcells and the Hall

--Joe Gibbs and the Hall

--Ralph Wilson’s comments on the new breed of owners

--The next Commissioner will be strong on the business and global marketing side.

--Everything has been on the upside for Paul Tagliabue, with the lone exception of the California situation.

--Jeremy Bloom

--This is one of the best Returner drafts, he has ever seen.

--The Steve Hutchinson contract

--Rick considers Josh Huston to be the best kicker available, but predicts that no K or P will be drafted on the First Day.

Thanks, I hope you get a chance to listen. I posted it in the middle of the night, so I didn't get a chance to introduce myself here first.

I listened to most of it, as I have heard little else but praise for Goose.

It was a good listen even though it didn't really add anything to what I already knew.

The only thing that surprised me was him kind of dissing the rb class this year. He said something like theres "only 9" rbs likely to be taken on the first day. I'm not going to do any research on it, but 9 doesn't seem like that low of a number to me. :confused:

Also, there should be some rbs worth a look late in the 2nd day ...


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