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Ricky Williams dynasty strategy (1 Viewer)

Now that Ricky is suspended, what strategy will you take in your dynasty leagues?

  • Cut him, he's dead to me now

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  • Trade him for any crap I can get

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  • Hold onto him, he could be big in '07

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  • Wait for him to get cut and then stash him

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  • I might sign him if/when he's waived

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  • He's not worth a FA pick-up, period.

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Jack Ham & Eggs

Well, it's decision time for a lot of us regarding Ricky. Do we cut him or keep him and hope for a splash in '07? Do you sign him if he gets waived and waste a roster space in hopes of a big dividend next year? Or is he simply not worth the effort at all?

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In a dynasty league, why not keep him? His value is pretty much at rock bottom now so there's no point in unloading him. [unless you like the buy high, sell low strategy]

The question all Ricky owners should ask themselves: why didn't I trade the 3 strikes offender back when Denver was rumored to be interested in him?

Remember this the next time Ricky is reinstated and sees a temporary spike in his perceived value.

I will cut him and try to grab him off the FA market at the end of season.

Don´t have much problems cutting him though, because I have Shaun Alexander, Steven Jackson and Corey Dillon as my keeper picks now.

What team is he going to be on? If Denver was dumb enough to pick him up after another Hindu/Ganja bender in his prolonged offseason he would do well but it seems pretty likely he will end up some place like Houston or Arizona and play 2 years and retire once again in obscurity. I see him an Ryan Leaf opening a chain of Planet Hollywood type restaurants called NFL Washups.

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Ricky is done. At best he may return in 365 days to a team that has a proven Ronnie Brown with two years experience. Ricky Williams will be 30 and playing for 600K, very unlikely he will be a free agent or that a team would be willing to trade anything more than a 6th round pick for him.

At best, RW owners are hoping he can hit the free agency market in the summer of 2008; at the prime age of 31.


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