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Ridley missing from Wednesday Practice? (1 Viewer)


Stevan Ridley - RB - Patriots
Stevan Ridley (undisclosed) was not spotted at the beginning of practice Wednesday.
We didn't see Ridley incur any injury on Sunday night, so perhaps this is a rest day. More will be known after practice. If Ridley were ever to miss time, LeGarrette Blount would handle the majority of early-down work. Passing back Brandon Bolden would see a bump in usage as well.
Bolden? Why not L. Blount in this case?
I really only play in PPR leagues, so that's where my general focus is. Blount has looked solid at points this year, but I think Bolden is the one who benefits the most from a fantasy perspective with the bump in touches along with the catches he's likely to receive.


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