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Roughing the Passer (1 Viewer)

In related news Clay Mathews just got called for roughing Russel Wilson on Thursday. The penalty will be assessed on Seattle's first offensive possession.

I am old enough to remember when the NFL tightened the rule down to allow defenders only a step and a half to hit the Q.B. after he released the ball.  If you could not launch in that step and a half to lead with the crown of your helmet to spear the Q.B. in the back you had to hold up, which meant just run into him with your chest and knock him down that way.  That was in 1978 maybe, before that it was open season on Q.B.'s.  I remember the grousing with that rule change, defenders saying you might as well put a skirt on Q.B.s.

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Heisenberg23 said:
I hope they reevaluate the rules next year. You simply cannot play defense.
They arent changing anything. Most players have already made adjustments and you can play defense without roughing the passer. 


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