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*** SHARK POOL SURVIVOR : WEEK 4 *** (1 Viewer)

At this time I'm gonna take the gamble that Favre and Company are pretty ticked!


Shark------SF---Min---Pit---OaklandIn 9 months you go from one game away from SuperBowl Champs to one step away from the Nursing Home. Wow they got OLD quick......


Week 4 - Green Bay

(looks like maybe 20 teams left after week four when

Denver loses with no Running Game)

Please check you records. I believe I was on page seven and now I do not appear. I took San Francisco over Chicago the first week, New Orleans over Houston the second week, and New England over New York the third week. I know this is only for bragging rights but I was enjoying the game and don't understand why I no longer appear. Please check my official post on last week's thread.Thanks,H20g8 :)

Nevermind, I see I'm on page 4. St. Louis over Arizona this week just to reiterate. Thanks ;)

Well it's been a nice run, but I think I'm done.

Week 1: San Fran

Week 2: Minny

Week 3: Indy

Week 4:

Give me the Buffalo Bills over the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles are coming off a bye week but hopefully the Bills will be fired up enough after the spankin' of week 3 to pull it out. Denver and St. Louis don't feel right. So again, I'm going:


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Good luck to Detroit and Arizona this week. If they both win there will be about 5 of us left.

I hate to follow the crowd but it just looks like the best bet this week.Waverunner------SF---Min---TB---GBWeek4 - Green BayEdited on Saturday at 12:22 to GB from Denver. Need to save GB for another week never know when I would take GB again.

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WEEK 1-SanFrancisco-Mission accomplished....49-7WEEK 2-Green Bay.....Mission accomplished.....31-7WEEK 3-Kansas City...Mission accomplished.....42-14WEEK 4-St.Louis.........Mission ???????????-Max


This week I'm going away from the crowd with the NY J - E - T - S JETS! JETS! JETS!

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Dare I say, THE DALLAS COWBOYS to beat the New York Football Jets!No, I'm not myopic -- think real hard about the possibilities...Here's to a Dallas win and a Denver loss, which considering the level of confidence in the Broncos on this board, should clean it off quite a bit... :brush:

My name seems to have disappeared from the Survivors' list. I thought I had gotten my first three games right (Carolina in Week 1, Minnesota in Week 2, Indianapolis in Week 3), but if I submitted any of those entries incorrectly, my bad.Anyway, if I'm still in the competition, I'll take Denver in Week 4.
You're right... I placed you back on Page 6 from the Survivors list.
Week 4: St. Louis

Week 3: Indy

Week 2: Oakland

Week 1: SF
Interesing... same as my picks thru 3 weeks.And week 4 I'll go with (drumroll please...)


Naw, just kidding.

St Louis in a romp!


Week 4, Hmm Packers loose in Aiz week 3, Chicago coming off By week, MNF, at new Soldier Field.......................Stewart still sucks!



Green BayThough Denver would be the obvious choice. The Plumber could toss some picks with the running game ?????....


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