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Should I trade L. Bell for S. Barkley? (1 Viewer)


12 team, 16 man rosters.  Start QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/FLEX/K/DEF.  $200 salary cap

Should I trade $34 LVB for $99 SQB + $60 cap funds for 2019?

I have Cam, Gurley, DHop, M. Evans, Gronk, Tate/JJSS as flex, and then Boswell and Jags as K/DEF.

Built to win this year and next year, do I go after the young guy and cap strain in 2020 or roll James Conner until LVB is back?



That salary seems way too high for Barkley.  I know the $60 cap relief helps but he is still half of your salary cap.  I probably say no but I have no idea how your salary cap works and what problems it will cause with that salary.  I don't think any single player is worth half of your salary cap.



I got offered Julio/Drake/Pitt for LVB/Golden Tate/Jags, I get to keep Conner.  Seems pretty tempting.  Cap impact is a wash.

Would roll Cam/Dhop/Julio/Gurley/Drake or Conner/Gronk/Evans as my starting lineup.


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