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SNF "Green Zone" (1 Viewer)

That is a good guess. Get people more used to on screen graphics so it isn't so shocking when they sell ad space digitally projected on the field. 
I'm surprised they have done add projections over the crowd 

or got sponsorships for the end zones red zone yardage markers...

Just a dumb on screen graphic that makes the already green grass between the line of scrimmage and the first down yellow line even more green on 3rd downs. It is as dumb and pointless as it sounds.
Somehow that sounds dumber and pointlesser than it sounds.

Love it.  Simple, non-obtrusive, reduces search/scan time.  Well framed aesthetically appealing. I’m all in.

Still dumb, and now we have the red bar on the play clock draining away to help us count down to zero. 

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On a 3rd and 29, NBC goes with the wide shot just to show the amount of field necessary to gain via the green zone.

NBC is all in on this thing

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I won't buy tickets to the game because I don't even understand what I'm watching without a yellow line and dark green zone.



My first impression was how ####ty it made the rest of the field look after seeing the "enhanced" green. 

This is Sept for Petes sake ... shouldn't your grass be in it's best condition right now?

If they have to do it, I wish it was more subtle. Just a shade darker and not that intense green.

It is not terrible, but just doesn't add anything.

One electronics thing kind of related though, on the play that the Philly sack was lost due to the DE being lined up offsides, the "red" line of scrimmage line was quite a bit offset from the ball. The DE was indeed offsides, but that view made it look like he was half a yard across the line.

All in all, less is better. Already have the yellow line and that is enough.

No, the white zone is for unloading and loading only, don't give me your green zone crap.
To be fair, most of the folks in that zone are either receivers or DB's....... so it may be a lot of things but it certainly can't be described as the "white zone".

Its only value is that when you see it you know it's 3rd down.
I was going to say the same thing. I watched the game in the background at a bar while talking with friends, and it was handy to know, at a glance, that it was 3rd down.


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