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Soft schedules/Improving situations (1 Viewer)


With a lot of leagues having a week 10 trade deadline, it seems like a good idea to look for/target guys who should do well in weeks 6-10, with an eye towards trading them when it gets close to the wire. This can be top tier guys, or the guys you target as the throw in in a deal.

A couple early thoughts:

- McGahee's value is pretty low right now, but he seems to be the lead back in Baltimore. Returning from his knee being scoped, he had a decent first game, but left with an eye injury. His next two games were against PIT and TEN. He's already had his bye, and he faces Indy, Miami, Cleveland, Oakland, and Houston over the next five weeks, so he may be a nice trade target, especially if you can pair him with McClain.

- Favre and Thomas Jones are coming off a bye week and get to play Cinci. They continue on to Oakland, KC, Buffalo and St. Louis. Buffalo's a fairly tough draw, but the rest is pretty soft. Both of them may be worth a look, although I'm not sure who benefits more from that schedule.

- Jacksonville plays Denver, then has a bye to figure out how to beat Cinci, Detroit and Cleveland

- Houston has already had their bye, and Slaton gets to play Miami, Detroit and Cinci, before facing Minny and Buffalo in weeks 9 and 10. Could be a good sell high candidate after week 8.


I think any Denver players would be a decent buy around Week 7. Jax comes to town this week, followed by a trip to Gillette, and a bye in Week 8. However, weeks 9-14: Mia, @Cle, @Atl, Oak, @NYJ, and KC.


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