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Something is wrong with the Daily Email's automation - FYI (1 Viewer)


Lots of screw ups in today's daily email. The Pats and Panthers don't play each other this weekend, but for some reason these three gems were dropped:

NE - QB Tom Brady probable

Source: KFFL.com

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady (shoulder) fully participated in practice Saturday, Nov. 16, and is listed as probable for Week 11.

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Tom Brady is going up against a world-class defense as the Patriots take on the Panthers on Monday Night Football. If you have a better backup option you might want to consider that this week. Brady is more like a top 20 QB this week than he is a top 10.

CAR - RB Mike Tolbert probable

Source: KFFL.com

Carolina Panthers RB Mike Tolbert (non-injury) fully participated in practice Saturday, Nov. 16, and is listed as probable for Week 11.

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Fantasy owners know that Tolbert is a fantastic touchdown vulture. We can't rely on him more than a desperation flex play in Week 11 against the Patriots.

NE - CB Aqib Talib may play

Source: ProFootballTalk.com - Mike Florio

New England Patriots CB Aqib Talib (hip) may play in the team's Week 11 game. The best indication on his status will be if he travels to Carolina Sunday, Nov. 17.

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Bad news for the Panthers here. With Talib back he'll be able to lock down Steve Smith. Cam Newton may have to go elsewhere when distributing the football in the air.

Plus, I'm pretty sure SF plays the Skins this week, yet:

SF - TE Vernon Davis expected to play

Source: CSNBayArea.com - Matt Maiocco

San Francisco 49ers TE Vernon Davis (concussion) is expected to play Week 11 even though he is listed as questionable for the game.

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Getting Davis back will be huge for the 49ers. Colin Kaepernick has struggled as a passer this season and needs all the help he can get. We like Davis as a low end TE1 this week against the Saints

These sort of things seem to be happening on the regular. I'd advice FBGs to do a QC review on the email, because it makes them look bad whenever this happens.

I work in digital marketing and understand how easy it is for something to get screwed up with regards to email marketing.

I've accidentally sent the wrong email to a subscriber list of 5 million people. Ouch.

I haven't noticed too many football guys email mistakes.


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