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[Sponsorship] - NFL Endzones (1 Viewer)

Do you think NFL Franchises should sell the naming rights?

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  • Depends on the finances (who gets the money, how it is divided up and how it affects the CBA, small

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Do you think NFL Teams should sell the sponsorship rights to their endzones?

For instance, instead of an endzone saying "Redskins" in burgundy and gold, it would say "FedEx - #1 in Shipping" in blue and orange?

Disclaimer - I have heard nothing of this being discussed by owners, I was just curious what FBG thought?

Maybe a big ad on the back wall behind the end zone, but I'm not a fan of putting huge ads on the field (even though some teams already do it).

I would really have no problem with it. Two others sports that I enjoy following are NASCAR and the EPL (Top English Soccer Division) and I don't necessarily dislike.

I think this would be another great way to generate revenue and would create more cash for the players; which I am all for. NBA and MLB players make more money because there are games.


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