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Stat Corrections Week 14? (1 Viewer)

None I've heard of, but my opponent in the semis won his match-up by 1.3 (my brother just needed Seattle to kick a FG on their last drive, but instead they scored a TD), so I'm also keeping my eyes open.

Unless you play with IDP, it's highly unlikely that any corrections will be significant enough to swing a match-up. One to look for -- and this happened in my league last year -- is any RB fumbles that were the result of a botched handoff. Those should go to the QB. So if you want to put your mind at ease, check if there were any RB fumbles in games involving any of your QBs/RBs and then look up the play-by-play.

Oh, one other I just thought of: There was a play last night where Cousins did a pitch-out to Cook, but it looked like the ball went forward. No idea how it was recorded, but if you're in PPR, that's the kind of thing I could see being changed from a run to a pass.

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