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Strong safeties playing behind good front 7's (1 Viewer)


Kiel's numbers have been on this downward slope the last few weeks (I know he was hurt this past week).Michael Lewis', Polamalu (prior to last night) numbers not great lately.I'm just wondering if these guys should be bumped down on the cheatsheets a bit. My feeling is that since it is so hard to predict a CB's performance, that you have to put the safeties at the top of the ranking by default?They don't seem to get TD's and occasionally get sacks.So is it better to take a chance on corners who get picked on, or safeties with more consistent tackle numbers?I have those three guys above and they have sorely dissapointed me...making me wonder if I should rethink my strategy for DB's.

One thing about being a Browns Fan :bag: is that I watch a lot of steelers games too. I see Polamalu rushing the QB quite a bit durring the game, not just the occaisional safety rush you see from some teams, I mean he is in there a good 8-10 times a game. Polamalu is probably the best bet when it comes to safety sacks. But then again, I don't normally watch the other two

Absolutely, safties should be taken as the first DB's by default in almost every scoring system. They get the chance for tackles in run support, sacks while bltzing. INT's and PD's are too hard to predict accurately so its best to stick with tangibles that can be estimated- Tackles being the premire factor. One name youre leaving out, however, is Adam Archuleta- on pace to break the DB sack record :thumbup:



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